Visual impact

Solar farms make no audible noise and have no moving parts, so they are a lot less intrusive than many other forms of energy production as the only way to be affected by them is to see them. Solar farms are also very low profile, as the top edge of the panels is usually set at less than 2.4 metres above the ground. As they are stationary, they should not be distracting (like wind turbine blades) even if you can see them. All panels are south facing and angled towards the sky, so glare and reflection should not be an issue either. All of these details are reviewed thoroughly before we submit a planning application.

When Bee Green Solar review prospective sites, we are specifically looking for sites which would result in minimal visual intrusion for neighbours.

Economic benefits

During design and construction, solar farms create all sorts of opportunities for local employment, which we strongly encourage. In operation, solar farms require little in the way of servicing or maintenance, but make significant rates contributions to the local authorities.